The Supercar is a two-door exclusive vehicle featured in Huntdown: Mayani. It is one of the most expensive vehicles buyable to the player. The supercar can be colored and is the fastest vehicle in the game.


The supercar is based of a 1982 Lamborghini Countach LP 500S featured with a beige interour design. It also has the traditional red-ish taillights and all versions contains a raised spoil


The front of the Supercar.

er on the back.


The performance of the Supercar are categorized from Bad, Average and Good. which also comes with a under-statement of above or below.

Top Speed: 85 RSU ( Roblox Speed Unit )

Road Grip: Good

Handling in high speed: Good

The back of the Supercar.

Handling in low speed: Good

Weight: Very light

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