Huntdown: Mayani hosts several radio stations able for players to listen to when inside a vehicle, these are 6 radio stations that have a wide variety of soundtracks from the early 1970's to 1990. The radio stations' genres vary from pop to reggae and including several subgenres and there is in total more than 200 radio tracks combined on all the radio stations.

Radio StationsEdit


89.7 Rockalypse FM Edit

Genres: Rock, Soft Rock, Pop Rock


91.3 Radio El Cante Edit

Genres: Latin Jazz, Salsa, Reggae


93.9 Wavetron FM Edit

Genres: Synthpop, New Wave


97.1 The Downvibe Edit

Genres: Smooth Jazz, R&B, Soul, Funk, Disco, Post-Disco, Quiet storm


101.3 The CoastEdit

Genres: Pop, Power Ballad, Contemporary Hits


106.7 Track FM Edit

Genres: Rap, Hip Hop, Electro, Freestyle

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