The Police Car is a emergency vehicle used by police forces in the Huntdown series. In all of the games the Police Car is a four-door sedan. It is basically a modified version of the normal Sedan. The Police Car comes with lightbars and sirens that can be turned on by the player using "T" and "Y".

Design Edit

Huntdown: Mayani Edit

In Huntdown: Mayani, the Police Car, just like the Sedan shares similar shape and back design to that of a late 1970's Dodge Diplomat, while the front is more based of a mid-1980's Chevrolet Caprice.

Performance Edit

The performance of the Police Car are categorized from Bad, Average, and Good, which also comes with a under-statement of above or below.

Top Speed: 60 RSU ( Roblox Speed Unit )

Road grip: Good

Handling in low speed: Average

Handling in high speed: Average

Weight: Moderate

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