Mayani Metro Police Department is a full-service police department serving the city of Mayani and it's greater metropolitian area. Mayani Metro Police Department has their headquarters in the Correll neighborhood.

MMPD is based on the real life Metro Dade Police Department and the department has control and reach of both Mayani Beach and Mayani, both by sea and air.

Police stations Edit


The Mayani Metro Police has the main headquarters in Correll. So far there are no other police stations in the metropolitian area.

Equipment Edit

The Mayani Metro Police has several vehicles and equipment for use to protect the citizens of Greater Mayani. The Police Car is the most common transport vehicle for the MMPD. They also use the Police Van if needed transport in bigger numbers. The Police Helicopter is also dispatched incase of for example high-speed pursuits or a search for a suspect.

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