Lag is a term used about occurences that are slow, inadequate or annoying normally to the reason of performance from a player's computer or the server. The two most common types of lag in Huntdown is Processing lag and Frame lag.

Processing Lag Edit

Processing Lag is caused either by a slow internet or a slow game server. In Huntdown, the reason for Processing Lag is 80% caused by a player's own internet. Huntdown requires a good internet to be played properly. A recommended speed of download is atleast 10 kbps and any internet better than 25 kbps shall never experience any Processing lag.

How to avoid: Edit

The only ways of avoiding Processing Lag, is to somehow make your internet connection better, if you're using a home-wifi you can try to move closer to the router or decide to use a cable. If these don't work it may mean your internet is too poor and you have to purchase a better internet connection.

Tips: Edit

  • Avoid using the ingame radio stations if you ever experience Processing Lag, loading a radio station may cause your game to loose connection because of it's massive audio streaming.
  • Avoid laggy activites such as gun shooting or boats.

Frame Lag Edit

Frame lag is local and based entirely on the player's computer and the computer's performance. Frame lag in Huntdown games may occur if you pan your camera across a area with a lot of bricks, however most average computers shall be able to handle the game just fine.

How to avoid: Edit

You can easily avoid Frame Lag by setting down the graphics of your Roblox game by going to the Menu ingame.

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