Huntdown is a ROBLOX roleplay game franchise created by Exorcist998 and developed by Dreamshock Interactive. The main objectives and roleplay elements of the game franchise is criminal and 


The earliest version of the Huntdown logo and the one currently used.

police perspectives, as well as several in-depth illegal activities for the players to explore. The currently only game in development is Huntdown: Mayani, but plans to make cities based on Los Angeles, San Francisco, Detroit, Las Vegas and New York City has also been speculated.


The game series situates around crime ridden cities from the early 1980's to the early 1990's. Gang violence, drug smuggling and police corruption are some of the many categories the game is based on.

The hub cities within the games are always located within the real-life U.S state that the city is based on, for example Huntdown: Mayani being located in Florida. Where the main cities are Mayani and Mayani Beach, which is based on the real life Miami and Miami Beach.


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