Correll seen southwards from Correll Avenue

Correll is a urban neighborhood in Mayani, located just south of Downtown, to the east of Little Havana and to the north of Coral Grove. Correll exists mostly of high-rise banks and apartment buildings. Correll is based on the real-life Miami neighborhood of Brickell.

History Edit

Correll was firstly settled during the late 1910's. All investors in the city of Mayani wanted a place to reside, and their choice became Correll. Many millionaires built their mansions along Correll Avenue through Correll and neighboring Coral Grove. Correll was mostly a up-scale low-density neighborhood until the 1970's when the bayfront mansions was replaced with high-rise condominiums and banks started showing up on Correll Avenue. Since then, Correll has became the South American bank hub of the United States and has more than 35% of the jobs in Grove County.

Places of interest Edit


The MMPD headquarters.

Metro Police Headquarters Edit

The main headquarters for the MMPD can be found in Correll on the intersection of Capital St and River Ave.

Businesses Edit

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