Baywater is a neighborhood in Mayani, Florida, located just north of Downtown and east of Rivertown. It's southern boundary is after the Turtlepike Expressway. Baywater is primarily a residential neighborhood, with many high-rises to the east along Mangrove Bay, meanwhile the western part is more suburban and lower density. Baywater is the northernmost neighborhood in Mayani. Baywater is mostly based on the real-life Miami neighborhood of Edgewater, however the shoreline buildings are based on buildings located in the real-life Omni neighborhood.


Baywater seen from Mangrove Bay.

History Edit

In the late 1800's, Baywater was a very busy boat manufacturing and fishing neighborhood, and it was one of the first neighborhoods built in the city of Mayani. By 1960, most of the maritime businesses in the area was demolished as the city forcesold the lots to big real estate developers and transformed the neighborhood into a residential area for the middle class, with large condominium developments rising along the bay over the next 20 years as more people found Mayani the ideal place to live. Even though the neighborhood has one of the highest crime rates of any neighbourhood in the metro area, most people in the neighborhood are wealthy, unlike most other neighborhoods were the dangerous neighborhoods are mostly poor. Most people believe it's to the reason of the high concentration of drug dealers living in the area that keeps the average income censuses high, and most of those who perform criminal activites in the area are of a wealthy drug dealer status that has climbed a certain social ladder within their cartels.

Businesses Edit

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